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Kua Number 9
  You belong to the East Group and your Kua Number is 9.

Gua 9 people are of the FIRE element. They bring forth light, warmth and happiness. When in balance they are attractive, charismatic, lively, enthusiastic, charged, competitive, vivacious, quick to react and move, and very passionate about what they like and dislike. They exude energy. They can also be proud, impulsive, vain and self-conscious. They are good at accomplishing goals formulated by others.

They love to be the centre of attraction. They have an inner lack of confidence and seek acknowledgement and support.

When they are not in balance they can be excitable, combative, quick-tempered, easily bored, over indulgent, exuberant in public and depressed when alone.

Fire belongs to the South (colors red, purple, and pink), and is fed by wood (color green).  These elements and colors are good for clothing, automobiles, food, bedrooms, and to have around.

Fire types can experience malfunctions of the eyes, heart, and self-esteem when out of balance.

Four Best Directions For Kua 9

Sheng Qi (Life Generating) - East
The energy from this direction attracts prosperity, vitality, respectability and reputation. It is also known as Life Generating Energy. It helps you in your personal and business endeavors.

Personally - this is your best magnetic direction. If you are looking for advancement in your career or to improve your business, locate your work desk in your office or study to face this direction. Strive to face this direction when conducting or doing anything important, e.g. planning, working, business negotiation etc.

On the flip side, a person sleeping in his Sheng Qi direction may get less sleep and may become a loner. Remember, top of the ladder is a very lonely place. S/he may also become more aggressive because they are on a different wavelength and it’s tough to match up to their expectations.

Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) - Southeast
Tian Yi is known as “Heavenly doctor” in Chinese. This energy fosters good health. Persons under this influence are patient, agreeable, appreciative as well as secure and confident in themselves. This is a good position to place your stove.

Personally - this would be a good direction for the bed head to point when locating beds if you are looking to improve your health in general or if you want to recover from a particular illness.

This is also a good direction for adolescents going through growing pains

Yan Nian (Longevity and relationships) - North
Yan Nian helps in “building relationships”. It can be romantic, family, friends or office relationships. This energy enhances the quality of relationships, promotes longevity and self-sufficiency. This is a good sector for the master bedroom.

For those who work in human resources or are into networking, this is the direction to face when working at one's desk.

Fu Wei (Harmony, peace and stability) - South
Fu Wei can be translated to mean “Calming Position” or “Stability”. This Chi helps you with grounding your energies, allowing you to relax and gain mental clarity. This location is considered a good site for an altar.

Personally – if you wish to cultivate your life, meditate or improve your thoughts then tapping into this direction will enable you to achieve your goals faster. Meditating in this direction will also help you with concentration.

Four inauspicious directions to be avoided are:

Ho Hai (Obstacles and mishaps) - Northeast
This energy is considered the least harmful but has been known to lead to all kinds of intermittent difficulty and frustration. It brings mischief and disturbances to your endeavors. Persons under this influence may tire easily and feel insecure.

For those with personal Guas that are different from their partner's, this direction can be used to compromise on the sleeping direction.

Wu Gui (Bad Relationships) - West
This energy generates the kind of events that leads to fire, loss of income, and burglary. It also causes misbehavior, treachery, gossips, slander, back-stabbing, quarrels and misunderstandings.

Avoid placing the stove here or cures will have to be implemented.

Liu Sha (Bad Health) - Southwest
This direction represents scandals, missed opportunities, legal entanglements (lawsuits, divorce and embezzlement) and illnesses. It can bring about bodily harm involving accidents, robberies or medical operations. Persons under this influence may experience fitful sleep, lack of focus, lethargy in their everyday being and may even become alcoholic.

A bathroom or storeroom placed in this sector will suppress its negative effects.

Chueh Ming (Life Endangering) - Northwest
Chueh Ming means “Life Threatening” in Chinese. This is the most harmful and dangerous energy in Eight Mansions Feng Shui. This energy can cause poor finance and unproductive career. Persons under this influence can experience difficulties in every endeavor. It can cause depression, mental illness, major accidents, business failures, corruption, major illnesses, serious relationship problems and suicidal feelings.

Tapping into this direction is highly discouraged.